It is fun to participate in a Hoagy's Heroes Ride
...and easy to sign up!

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Register for an Event.

Online Registration is Simple!

  • Click on the Event you would like to register for from the top menu of this website.
  • There will be a form to fill out on the ride’s information page. It will simply ask for your email.
  • Once you submit the form, you will receive an email directing you to a secure page to register for the ride.
  • Complete all the required information.
  • Payment methods will be offered to you at that time. Preferred (and easiest) method of payment would be via PayPal.
  • Be sure to print out the remaining forms needed for the ride. The forms needed will be explained in the next section.
  • Any additional forms that may be to be completed not offered on the website will be sent to you, if applicable.

If you wish to register for a ride offline (via snail-mail) please complete the following:

  • Print and complete the form – “Registration Form” (downloadable link)
  • This completed form must be sent with check or money order to:

Hoagys Heroes Inc.
315 4th Street
Glen Dale, WV

Be sure to make the check or money order to: Hoagy's Heroes Inc.

Step 2: Download and Print the following forms (these links will automatically download each file) -


Ride Verification Form

This form is for your ride verification. This form is especially important if you are planning on attempting an IBA-qualifying ride. Be sure to include all information possible on this form. If this form is incomplete, you may not qualify for an IBA certificate!

Waiver of Liablitiy

This is MANDATORY to be filled out and submitted before you participate in ANY of Hoagy's Heroes Rides. If you do not have a completed waiver, you cannot participate in a ride (and that would just be a crying shame!)

Pledge Sheet

We encourage you to obtain as many pledges as possible, and fill out their appropriate information on the Pledge Sheet. If needed, use as many pledge sheets as you wish.

A minimum of one Pledge is required per rider and passenger!!! Be sure to include the sponsor's address so that Hoagy's Heroes can mail them the appropriate tax infomation for their deductions.

For each $100.00 collected, you will receive one (1) chance for the prizes drawn at the Annual Prize Party.

Make ALL checks payable to: Hoagy’s Heroes Inc.,

Fuel Stop Log

This form is pretty straight forward. This sheet helps you keep all your fuel stops in one spot to make it easy to figure out at the end of the ride. It really helps to keep things straight when you may be too tired to think.